World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

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The veil between life and death is no more. Discover what lies beyond the world you know in the next chapter of the World of Warcraft saga--Shadowlands: Coming 2020. Learn more at
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ashen_thorn - Acum 11 ore
why do blizzard delete dislikes? lol
Oc Fandom
Oc Fandom - Acum 11 ore
I never play this game before but she's more op than any bad guy i ever fought in other games i played
秤秤 - Acum 11 ore
Wyatt Pride
Wyatt Pride - Acum 12 ore
mongty jmr
mongty jmr - Acum 13 ore
What a twist
fvpbz54 - Acum 14 ore
Sylvana... I'd hit that...
H Vorthrian
H Vorthrian - Acum 14 ore
I hate the fact we're still dealing with Sylvanas. I'm just so bored of the character, only for her to go and break one of the most iconic artifacts in Warcraft just adds insult to injury.
I get it, I know she's super Powerful but it's just incredibly frustrating not knowing why.
I really hope we reforge the helm of domination..
Hendy Gunawan
Hendy Gunawan - Acum 14 ore
The raise of Helya is coming
R. pizzamonkey
R. pizzamonkey - Acum 15 ore
In isolation, this is the best cinematic they've ever made.
As part of a pattern, it's clear they didn't actually think any of these twists through so they're destined to be disappointing.
Wolfie Fullbuster
Wolfie Fullbuster - Acum 15 ore
Lvl 70 vs lvl 120. Dropped LK helm > disenchanted
Kapangdazz - Acum 15 ore
Funny that an elf in lordaeron is talking about usurpers.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - Acum 15 ore
Seen ICC, Seen the LK... Thought I'm finally coming back to WoW... Then she rips the crown off and... NO.
Jonathan Pizano
Jonathan Pizano - Acum 15 ore
Well the only good that could come from this, is that the Scourge run rampant without the Lich King killing everyone on Azeroth while we are gone in the Shadowlands. Would be pretty hilarious.
Jake Shake
Jake Shake - Acum 15 ore
Rip crispy critter :(
Jamus Elkins
Jamus Elkins - Acum 15 ore
Big bunch of nope.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - Acum 15 ore
god i love her voice
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi - Acum 15 ore
I don't know much about Worlds of Warcraft, but I do know based on the comments and that dislike bar, that this short is not going down will with the fans. I have no idea why, but I do know that much.
Yue Miyakawa
Yue Miyakawa - Acum 16 ore
What have they just do to warcraft...
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As a noob to Warcraft, I'm just left wondering how she got through the entire undead army without getting overwhelmed and the Lich King getting a hit in throughout her fight against the army. :000
Yue Miyakawa
Yue Miyakawa - Acum 16 ore
Bad writing and extreme mary Sue charakter ...
Mary Ivy Clarito
Mary Ivy Clarito - Acum 16 ore
Frostmourn hungers!
Harshavardhan Sonawane
Harshavardhan Sonawane - Acum 16 ore
This is so baseless. Why does she need to go back to icecrown. There was no threat coming from that place. Stupid story this new expansion has got. Disappointed
Chris bogdanoff
Chris bogdanoff - Acum 17 ore
Clearly people are missing the little tell tell signs of story nuance due to bias and inattention. favoritism and pride is a toxic combo in the comment section of the interwebz.
Caleb Houston
Caleb Houston - Acum 17 ore
There’s probably a lot of wow players who also feel like, “this world is a prison.”
zeitok8 - Acum 18 ore
wow fandom is the equivalent of star wars fandom...
Nuntis Gaming
Nuntis Gaming - Acum 18 ore
Only thicc thing about sylvanis is that plot armor
Nathan Hwang
Nathan Hwang - Acum 18 ore
I've always dreamed of sylvannas sitting on the frozen throne
valor144 - Acum 18 ore
Tired of edgy Sylvanas. It could really be anyone in her place.
xu wu
xu wu - Acum 19 ore
Ragabash - Acum 19 ore
Isn’t the Lunch King supposed to be near impossible to beat on the Frozen Throne? We really only killed Arthas because of Teranas.
Syed Ali
Syed Ali - Acum 20 ore
How is a banshee has become so powerfull that she broke the ledegendary helmet of lich king? I think warcraft story writers taking too much drugs right now.
sylvainrty - Acum 20 ore
god i love her voice
Cracken - Acum 21 oră
I was really hoping to see how her ears would fit into that helmet...
Ruby Lin
Ruby Lin - Acum 21 oră
Lets jump this shark boys
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf - Acum 21 oră
she wouldn’t dare go to icecrown if frostmourne was at bolvars hand
V. S. Cosplay
V. S. Cosplay - Acum 22 ore
World of Warcraft: Death Stranding
Yue Miyakawa
Yue Miyakawa - Acum 16 ore
More... World of Warcraft: Bullshit is stranding... worst addon ever.
HippoButtSecks - Acum 22 ore
4:46 * Bolvar looks up * Ight imma head out...
Ricardo Bastos
Ricardo Bastos - Acum 22 ore
My queen
dat one soldat slav
dat one soldat slav - Acum 22 ore
What if there breaking into the real world and there like the size of what we see in game dunno
rachel ve
rachel ve - Acum 22 ore
For me WoW died. When the freaking heirloom came. Thats what destroyed the (fun, social and nice gameplaying). After it became like a zombie festival system. Run run and lvl up as fast you can. Anyway. I still love the cinematics.
Luke Pugmire
Luke Pugmire - Acum 22 ore
Hold on now!
I haven't really played wow for some years, but I am fairly sure I remember that the lich king is not meant to be that weak.
Fel Master
Fel Master - Acum 20 ore
Bolvar may be the Lich King, but he lacks Frostmourne and the rest of the armour, which granted Arthas a LOT more power, not to mention that Bolvar has not really used his Lich King powers in battle before. Plus it was revealed at BlizzCon that Sylvanas made a deal with an entity called the Jailer, which increased both his power and Sylvanas' power with every creature to die in recent years.
Илья Крамаренко
i dont know how about u guys, i love the way sylvanas eliminating everybody. coolest character in the game
CJ Awesome
CJ Awesome - Acum o Zi
Guessing Sylvanas doesn't have the mount yet if she's still doing ICC.
30 days free trial
30 days free trial - Acum o Zi
men, Frozen 2 looks weird af
LoreCraft - Acum o Zi
Just finished making a hyper-real Thrall bust based on the Safe Haven cinematic. Dozens of hours timelapsed into 5 minutes. Would love it of some of you would wander over and let me know what you think of the work.
Timothy Basalo
Timothy Basalo - Acum o Zi
I wish illidan knew about this so he can kick her a$$ for destroying what he protects
ADHACK Channel
ADHACK Channel - Acum o Zi
Temp - Acum o Zi
at least she focused the adds first
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Acum o Zi
Seen ICC, Seen the LK... Thought I'm finally coming back to WoW... Then she rips the crown off and... NO.
VitensMoran - Acum o Zi
ScootieXP - Acum o Zi
Haven't played since Cata but wtf is this bullshit about destroying a helm built in the nether that opens a gate to Shadowlands upon destruction?!
Nils Hughes
Nils Hughes - Acum o Zi
Sylvanas did you not listen when he said there must always be a litch king
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy - Acum o Zi
I think the trailer would have been much more credible had Sylvanas taken a hit, but to go all Chen Stormstout on the LK was just realllly bad writing. WoW just swapped from
Sem Ideia
Sem Ideia - Acum o Zi
"women stronk"
xxxDaxosxxx - Acum o Zi
Initially, Bolvar wielded a sword and a shield. He should've maxed out mace skill before equipping it. I would stick with sword and shield if I was him.
Mitch Cockriell
Mitch Cockriell - Acum o Zi
Removing dislikes, just like diablo immortals.
Blizzard, your days are numbered, overwatch 2 and diablo 4 wont save your company
Feng Yang
Feng Yang - Acum o Zi
cinematic look so to in game graphics
Ominous - Acum o Zi
Feminism at Blizzard...
Trixollo - Acum o Zi
She only bit him, bacause she is lvl 120 and he still 80...
Morgan A
Morgan A - Acum o Zi
Who would win
The might of the scourge or one rouge leader
Intoman 18
Intoman 18 - Acum o Zi
Lets be honest - we all rooted for Bolvar but we knew he won't win because Sylvanas is a *****
ViciousBond - Acum o Zi
YES BRING BACK SHADOWMOURN 2H WEAPON! Upvote so blizzard can see it lol.
Viking_King - Acum o Zi
I always knew since the fall of the Lich King, there would be some kind of twist that would involve the Citadel once more. This looks awesome.