TONES AND I - 'Dance Monkey' LIVE (Splendour In The Grass 2019)

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Tones and I busts out 'Dance Monkey' with the biggest crowd singalong we've ever seen for a Splendour In The Grass opener.
Durată: 04:36


triple j
triple j - Acum 4 luni
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Unica ben attia
Unica ben attia - Acum 5 ore
you are a meising
Dominic Zepeda
Dominic Zepeda - Acum 19 ore
@Flynn Calladine 5 6p
Anita Schmuck
Anita Schmuck - Acum 2 Zile
@Flynn Calladine EkdjdjsgsjsksjhshsjsksjhahsjsFjdekkejekekehDhsjsjsgaAehejejshSejsjsgzskskathsWnssagajskstajkejafsbnsfahjgajsjsgTehehhZdjdkkekwjwjjsjshUjhjdjdhhsjsjsgshhshshsjsjsjhshshsPdhshhsgsjsksjLdjdkskzKdehehdjjsjsjshshhsNzwerajeafsjrejekkekwgsjsjsjhMhdkdkdjsgBeuwustksksk🤪
Valentina Melis
Valentina Melis - Acum 3 Zile
divinas semijoias
divinas semijoias - Acum 4 Zile
triple j II Raquel
Fatima Bendique
Fatima Bendique - Acum oră
Мухаммад Хайрулло
y thảo
y thảo - Acum oră
Muốn tải bài hát này về nhạc chuông thì phải làm sao
Marcos Ceolin
Marcos Ceolin - Acum oră
Top emocionante!
Karine Gomes
Karine Gomes - Acum 2 ore
Alguém do Brasil?
لولو الكيكي
لولو الكيكي - Acum 2 ore
good i love this
Muhammad Horo
Muhammad Horo - Acum 2 ore
Sehr gut
Friedrich Landmann
Friedrich Landmann - Acum 3 ore
Du hast GARNICHT gesungen 👎
Делаю Сам
Делаю Сам - Acum 4 ore
Beautiful music
Claudia Exner
Claudia Exner - Acum 4 ore
3d hobby printing
3d hobby printing - Acum 5 ore
lets see...singing with socks,no seethrough skirts ,no tits showing,no face painting,no dancing ,JUST EPIC PURE VOICE ))))))))))))
Unica ben attia
Unica ben attia - Acum 5 ore
:) O_O
Pamontip Wongdara
Pamontip Wongdara - Acum 5 ore
I felling in love with this person
Unica ben attia
Unica ben attia - Acum 5 ore
i love yooooooooooooooou
SM IQBAL - Acum 5 ore
Not bad
Dybala Wesley
Dybala Wesley - Acum 5 ore
She is amazing and so damn talented 💛❤💕
Ben Hawkes
Ben Hawkes - Acum 6 ore
Always thought she was auto tuned to high hell. Amazing song
Alif Abiyyiasri
Alif Abiyyiasri - Acum 8 ore
Bagus sekali👍👍d
Harikrishna Acharya
Harikrishna Acharya - Acum 8 ore
Ohh she is a girl
liam birch
liam birch - Acum 9 ore
How can you not be moved by that. . Seriously she created something that will last well beyond our lives
vivek menon
vivek menon - Acum 10 ore
Loved it! Love from Chicago!!
Nurriya Amelia
Nurriya Amelia - Acum 10 ore
Boyep TV
Boyep TV - Acum 11 ore
strong voice
Doctor Dividend
Doctor Dividend - Acum 12 ore
We need more of this type of singer!! 0% autotune, 1000% real and true
Hector Quezada
Hector Quezada - Acum 13 ore
Wow people are acting like our generation from the 90s just enjoying the concerts not rexording on their celphones humanity restored
Алекс Капоне
Алекс Капоне - Acum 13 ore
Противная баба
Алекс Капоне
Алекс Капоне - Acum 13 ore
Harry hondsón
Harry hondsón - Acum 13 ore
Esta mujer tiene un talento muy bonito debería sacar muchísimas canciones lindas cm esta ...le doy un 100..porq tiene una voz hermosa ..felicidades porq esa música ah llegado asta el último rincón del mundo felicidades ..$
April Magalona
April Magalona - Acum 14 ore
I really love the beat of this song and her voice so good on live.
Khi Barnett
Khi Barnett - Acum 14 ore
hello my name is khi i am 10 when i heard this song this made me think it does not matter how you look you an just who you are
DenisXL - Acum 14 ore
Só Queria Sair Dessa Brasil e Viver Em EUA :(
DenisXL - Acum 14 ore
Os Brs Também Tem Bom Gosto Fuck You
chill nite
chill nite - Acum 15 ore
XD your ugly JK your song cool like you
Apenas Um Som
Apenas Um Som - Acum 15 ore
-Mano Não Tem Base Canta Muito,Pqp🏆❤
Zeyad Tarek
Zeyad Tarek - Acum 15 ore
She's singing her heart out HOLY SHIT respect
Gustavo Aquino
Gustavo Aquino - Acum 15 ore
Eu falo em português
Margarita Hernandez
Margarita Hernandez - Acum 15 ore
que buena cansion
Sparkiu - Acum 16 ore
Ela é maravilhooooosa
hermansyah syah
hermansyah syah - Acum 16 ore
Jelaskan h
Anna Fenina
Anna Fenina - Acum 16 ore
this is so pure
Dw_ GitoYT
Dw_ GitoYT - Acum 17 ore
Victoria Riquelme
Victoria Riquelme - Acum 17 ore
Me enamore de esta musica
Victoria Riquelme
Victoria Riquelme - Acum 17 ore
Dio mio que linda musica
Ivoneide Marques
Ivoneide Marques - Acum 17 ore
Aqui é Brazil porra
Carlos anonimo
Carlos anonimo - Acum 17 ore
autotune al 1500% over heat!!!
ryan knight
ryan knight - Acum 17 ore
love it
Kevin Navalha
Kevin Navalha - Acum 17 ore
O brasil ama essa mulher ❤
ريحانه المصطفى
اكو عرب بلطياره😂
Amanda Arcanjo
Amanda Arcanjo - Acum 18 ore
Viciada 💓
Sara Nl
Sara Nl - Acum 18 ore
유지원 - Acum 18 ore
우리나라오면 떼창지리겠다
Edilene Nunes
Edilene Nunes - Acum 18 ore
Basti i
Basti i - Acum 18 ore
01:09 Hoooolyshit the crowd feel it
Jania Payton
Jania Payton - Acum 19 ore
Lucian Tamba
Lucian Tamba - Acum 19 ore
jessus .. sounds better than the original :O
곽철용 - Acum 20 ore
Айбек Жусупбеков
Классные носки 😁
Mary Solorio
Mary Solorio - Acum 20 ore
i love dat song
hamidou chabouni
hamidou chabouni - Acum 20 ore
3:25 omg wow
Michal Marek
Michal Marek - Acum 20 ore
Manuel Alfredo Blas Borquez
Soy de Perú...gran talento , como hace mover a la gente con su hermosa voz!!!
mairon gorges
mairon gorges - Acum 20 ore
perfect music
Victor Gamer Play
Victor Gamer Play - Acum 20 ore
my brazilian
Vasile Stoica
Vasile Stoica - Acum 20 ore
Foarrte buna vocea nu oricine are o asmenea voce
Charles Peter
Charles Peter - Acum 21 oră
This makes me sound like a puss but every time I hear this song I weep I need more of this from you up the tempo and somehow give me a message it makes people want to dance
Natty Blue
Natty Blue - Acum 21 oră
Omg she gave me goosebumps😍🤩💃💃
Teresa Herman
Teresa Herman - Acum 21 oră
I love her vocie
Alessio Diego Filanti
Alessio Diego Filanti - Acum 22 ore
Kiki Pratama
Kiki Pratama - Acum 22 ore
Alus pisan lurr
luci panda
luci panda - Acum 22 ore
Wow que pilas es
Ian Smith
Ian Smith - Acum 22 ore
The hypest thing ever created
Cecilio Montiel
Cecilio Montiel - Acum 22 ore
with a sound equipment you listen like a mother
CARLOS PÉREZ - Acum 23 ore
Genial 😍😍😍😍
malek Elhelou
malek Elhelou - Acum 23 ore
I Love this song
Saif Imad
Saif Imad - Acum 23 ore
Dr Cycle
Dr Cycle - Acum 23 ore
She deserves it all. Her story is one for the books. 🖤
Recep Yoldaş
Recep Yoldaş - Acum 23 ore
I like dance monkey😊😊😊 THEYSAYYYYyyy😝😝😝
coco channel
coco channel - Acum 23 ore
Saï bei
Taurus - Acum 23 ore
1 song artist.