Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater - Lola (Official Video)

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Listen to the single "Lola". Out now!
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Official Music video by Iggy Azalea, Alice Chater performing "Lola" (Official Video) © 2019 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE
Durată: 3:49


Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea - Acum 9 Zile
I’ll be online at 10:30pm EST to watch the premiere with you all ! We’re gonna have some fun! Comment below with your questions about the video 😊
Skeppy69 - Acum 3 Zile
😂 😂
Skeppy69 - Acum 3 Zile
Queeeeen ♥
Skeppy69 - Acum 3 Zile
Love u
Skeppy69 - Acum 3 Zile
Lester Cruz
Lester Cruz - Acum 3 ore
Loca 👍🏽❤️
Gretchen Baskwell
Gretchen Baskwell - Acum 3 ore
Awsome song. Me personally, I watch and think about what happened to me. I get a little pissed. The video is great. Older chicks, as rns. You did everything perfectly. A physco could watch this,in make there way to the physc ward. I don't think it's would happen. Cheers beautiful video,song. Your the best Iggy
Caleb Belkin
Caleb Belkin - Acum 4 ore
what is the meaning of lola?
E Craig Jackson
E Craig Jackson - Acum 4 ore
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Yuldash Usmanov
Yuldash Usmanov - Acum 4 ore
I love you Iggy Azalea 💋💋😬
Kim Kim
Kim Kim - Acum 4 ore
“Mambo Italiano”
Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez - Acum 4 ore
Vee Clash
Vee Clash - Acum 4 ore
They obviously had a blast making this video. Some really cool outfits they wearing. Umm the initial prisoner outfits could have been better though. Something more flashy. Overall still a cool video.
K T - Acum 4 ore
Mambo italiano
Yujie Wang
Yujie Wang - Acum 4 ore
Sophia Loren Mambo Italiano not this one ?
Savage only
Savage only - Acum 4 ore
*Let's keep this song rising!! It deserves way more attention*
HotBreath Betty
HotBreath Betty - Acum 4 ore
2:41 she has the shape of a Disney villan who is a Queen.
Татьяна Кисельникова
Hey mambo, mambo Italiana - music
Salina Karbache
Salina Karbache - Acum 4 ore
Speaking of jams
Marzito Lee
Marzito Lee - Acum 5 ore
Hey mambo ~mambo Italiano
Ivo Katáry
Ivo Katáry - Acum 5 ore
I said i like it like that ☕❣️
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins - Acum 5 ore
Yeah visually artistic🎶👑
XoAaliyahXo - Acum 5 ore
I wish nicki and iggy did a collab there flows are so sick🔥❤️❤️❤️😍
Carolina Wetterberg
Carolina Wetterberg - Acum 5 ore
This is 🔥🔥🔥😍
hanidani's part
hanidani's part - Acum 5 ore
Lauren Preston
Lauren Preston - Acum 5 ore
I love this!!
Diana María
Diana María - Acum 5 ore
no dejen morir lola :(
Wyverndraco - Acum 5 ore
Why is iggy azalea dressed like Big Bird at 38 seconds
Super Giggle
Super Giggle - Acum 5 ore
obsessed with this❤️❤️❤️
ItsjustMia_ Underhill
ItsjustMia_ Underhill - Acum 5 ore
Why dose it almost sound like Cardi bs song I like it
KIREY STREAM - Acum 5 ore
Mambo Italiano
Walberth albur
Walberth albur - Acum 5 ore
Iza 💚💙
Siempre Algo Loco
Siempre Algo Loco - Acum 5 ore
I came here for the Brazzers comments and found noting but support!
captain marvel
captain marvel - Acum 6 ore
Iggy now try using her music with Spanish to make she famous again. Like what Cardi b did with I like it.
Jayden Joel
Jayden Joel - Acum 5 ore
False. This is an Italian song called “Mambo Italian” and Cardi isn’t the first or only person to sample a foreign song.
Afiq Jenner
Afiq Jenner - Acum 6 ore
it should be more views right now.
Cristopher - Acum 6 ore
I have to say that Alice actually upstaged Iggy. Her interventions are so good and I don't even know her very well.
No Name
No Name - Acum 6 ore
Reminds me of Cardi's "I Like It", but a catchy song nonetheless.
Ms Paradox
Ms Paradox - Acum 6 ore
Either way I actually love this song actually, it is definitely catchy and sounds quite awesome and badass in fact! 😍❤ Great job!
ARMY_ BTS - Acum 6 ore
Ms Paradox
Ms Paradox - Acum 6 ore
Anyone familiar with the song called "Mambo Italiano"? The " Hey Lola, she can be a little jealous..." part sounds quite familiar to that particular part of the old song.
I could be wrong too tho.
Jayden Joel
Jayden Joel - Acum 5 ore
Yeh, Iggy sampled it. If you look on the wall at 1:06 you can see the Mambo Italiano reference.
Dalida HD
Dalida HD - Acum 6 ore
I love the song!! ♥️🇯🇴
cx gamer
cx gamer - Acum 6 ore
she don’t have career since 2014
Jayden Joel
Jayden Joel - Acum 5 ore
She gained 10 million views in a week and is earning 10 times what you earn in a year. Try again next video but thanks for the view/stream. 😌
MJ - Acum 6 ore
"I'm colder than Nova Scotia" 
East Coast represent!! 🇨🇦❤️
Queen Angel
Queen Angel - Acum 6 ore
All the outfits are so cutee
Crunch Attack!
Crunch Attack! - Acum 6 ore
Get it!!! What a tuneeeeeee!!! Almost ten million. Lets keep those numbers coming bad tits xxx love you all
Ana Raquel Acosta
Ana Raquel Acosta - Acum 6 ore
Amamzing video! The hard work was shown
Jhonny Solis
Jhonny Solis - Acum 7 ore
Zaida a
Zaida a - Acum 7 ore
Bai Armie Zapphria T. Mampen
孤独なT R A S H E R B O Y
Jayden Joel
Jayden Joel - Acum 5 ore
Shelly Chell
Shelly Chell - Acum 7 ore
Got my “hood” a$$ man singing this outta nowhere 😂😂😂 it’s my fault I got it on repeat💯 it’s cute tho 😍
Luciferish Tingz
Luciferish Tingz - Acum 7 ore
This needs to be turned into a full movie!
Jessica Fraunfelter
Jessica Fraunfelter - Acum 7 ore
Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez - Acum 7 ore
I'm just here by Alice Chater 😍😍😘
Vera - Acum 7 ore
Iggy dominates and that's the T
Jazmine Run
Jazmine Run - Acum 7 ore
This is Hey mambo , chacha
Cherifa Herrogue
Cherifa Herrogue - Acum 7 ore
MAMBO ITALIANO Sophia Lauren ;) that’s the original
Jade Trimble
Jade Trimble - Acum 7 ore
Iggy definitely better indecently 🙌🏼
paulito955 - Acum 7 ore
Hey, mambo, mambo Italiano
Hey, mambo, mambo Italiano
Go, go, go you mixed up Sicialiano
All you Calabraise-a do the mambo like a crazy with #DeanMartin #MamboItaliano 👍 👍 👍
Candy Candy Girl
Candy Candy Girl - Acum 7 ore
The first seconds of the songs remind me of Americano by Lady Gaga... I mean the rhythm... Am I the only one with this feeling?
Martin Pintamalli
Martin Pintamalli - Acum 7 ore
Gastón Pereyra
Gastón Pereyra - Acum 7 ore
Tenemos que pedir que suba el video oficial de Switch a su canal
lucaell souza
lucaell souza - Acum 5 ore
Ana Ortiz
Ana Ortiz - Acum 7 ore
_pand!stelle_ senpa!_
_pand!stelle_ senpa!_ - Acum 7 ore