Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Official Music Video)

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Arturo C. R.
Arturo C. R. - Acum minut
Every video you make will always be spectacular. dua you are the maximum
Jack Simcox
Jack Simcox - Acum 4 minute
I love and adore you and your music greatly! When is the next tour cuz me and fam are coming ASAP when tix drop in the UK
rayan - Acum 6 minute
When was the song recorded? And when around was the music video filmed ? ( also what was the inspiration behind the video ?)
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 11 minute
Is true that the name of DL2 will be "Future Nostalgia?"
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 11 minute
How many dancers will have in tour of DL2?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 12 minute
Do you pretend to do some single like New Rules with a lot of choreography?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 12 minute
Will have some collaboration with some artist in DL2? Who?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 13 minute
Don't Start Now will have continuation?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 13 minute
How many singles will have the new era?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 14 minute
What is the name of the best track by DL2?
Lexi Donnelly
Lexi Donnelly - Acum 14 minute
Dua, what was the process for filming the don’t start now music video?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 14 minute
Can u tell us a little bit more about your performance in the AMAs?
Alvaro Valero
Alvaro Valero - Acum 14 minute
Hello Dua!😄 I know you are going to see the comments 😂❤️
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 15 minute
How will be the tour of DL2? Will be many dancers?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 15 minute
What do u think about Future Nostalgia?
Vini - Acum 15 minute
Kalipa collab is real?
Pó Galáctico
Pó Galáctico - Acum 13 minute
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 16 minute
For u, what is the best? DL1 or DL2?
ECE KAPILAR - Acum 16 minute
Is don’t start now music video bts coming?
Walison Rodrigues
Walison Rodrigues - Acum 17 minute
When will you come to Brazil?
David C
David C - Acum 19 minute
Porque sos tan perfecta Dua????
Flexx Like Ouu
Flexx Like Ouu - Acum 19 minute
Dua Lipa - **is about to start singing**
Me - _Don't Start Now_

Yeah I know my sense of humor is fucked up🤷‍♂
Gabby Smith
Gabby Smith - Acum 20 minute
Amazing as always Dua. 😇 This song is perfect for everything I've experienced all in one for 2019. I wonder when she is coming to Detroit for this album? I hope to see her perform before I move to Hawaii. 💯☺️
ArKone1 Music
ArKone1 Music - Acum 20 minute
Amazing girl 😍😍😍🎶🎶
Luminize - Acum 21 minut
Ok girl, please let us know how the guy that you threw on the floor is doing now? Bet he is still in hospital cause damnn you were on fire 🔥 Loving how much female power you're representing 🙅‍♀️💪 if you ever need an all girl band for a live show - we are here 🙋‍♀️ To prove you that we would be a freaking good match we just did a cover of "Don't start now" 😉
santi berges
santi berges - Acum 22 minute
Egemen köken
Egemen köken - Acum 24 minute
Where can we find you around london @DuaLipa
Angie Carolina Diaz
Angie Carolina Diaz - Acum 28 minute
Cuando vienes a Colombia? 🇨🇴 Eres la mejorrrrrr😍
Dago Saved
Dago Saved - Acum 31 minut
Diego AJimenez
Diego AJimenez - Acum 36 minute
Dua! how many people were dancing in this awesome video! kisses from SEVILLA! hope to see u soon. MWAH!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Alex Díaz
Alex Díaz - Acum 36 minute
When are you coming to Mexico ?

I send you a lot of love😘
Elena - Acum 37 minute
The video reminds me of Styles' "Lights up"
Diego AJimenez
Diego AJimenez - Acum 40 minute
lovely DUA, where is that awesome Disco? MWAH FROM SEVILLA,hope to see u soon back in Spain! oleeee😘😘😘😘😘
Hannia Brito
Hannia Brito - Acum 40 minute
Are you coming to Mexico? 🥺
Felix Bassi
Felix Bassi - Acum 41 minut
dua do you have any plans of coming to argentina?
Diego AJimenez
Diego AJimenez - Acum 42 minute
love u Dua! how long did u take to record this awesome video? MWAH FROM SEVILLA
Musiquita con Nico
Musiquita con Nico - Acum 45 minute
Ooohh estoy enamoradisimo de esta mujer Dios! 💘💘💘❤❤
Diego AJimenez
Diego AJimenez - Acum 46 minute
Dua I am your biggest fan in Sevilla. Spain loves u! you are pure talent! hope to see u soon in Spain! MWAH!.😘😘😘😘😘
Alvaro Valero
Alvaro Valero - Acum 51 minut
Also congratulations Dua, you really are improving in aaaall your aspects of your career!🥳❤️👏 Hope I see you live🤗
Alvaro Valero
Alvaro Valero - Acum 58 minute
Do you all agree with me that this song is one of the best of Dua?
Emery Wang
Emery Wang - Acum 59 minute
did you actually throw the camera on the ground?🙈
Blitz Nav
Blitz Nav - Acum oră
Who was here before 40 million views
Emery Wang
Emery Wang - Acum oră
how long did this take you to plan and film?🥰
Vasiliki Zygouri
Vasiliki Zygouri - Acum oră
Addicted to the beat!Love the new song really Dua is the so talented.I hope to come to Greece for a concert 🔝♥️😆
Ruth Kim Park
Ruth Kim Park - Acum oră
divina como siempre Dua Lipa

psdt:que onda con los "no me gusta"
paolo rossi
paolo rossi - Acum oră
Was it nice to make this video?
Crunch Attack!
Crunch Attack! - Acum oră
What can we expect from the rest of album, vibe wise? Same vibe or genre bendage? I love you
NeMeSis - Acum oră
Your voice...♥️♥️♥️this song is Amazing... keep going.
amalie fagerheim
amalie fagerheim - Acum oră
This is my favorite song😍🔥
Crunch Attack!
Crunch Attack! - Acum oră
When will we meet this time my love?
amalie fagerheim
amalie fagerheim - Acum oră
Would you have an tour in Europe?❤️
Mark William
Mark William - Acum oră
Why Dua do you keep staring at ME in that awesome kool song.
E Pa
E Pa - Acum oră
Hello Dua. I just want you to know that I am your biggest fan and you have helped me many times. When are you coming to Greece? I talk about you all the time. Lots of love, Eri
Amy Fly
Amy Fly - Acum oră
37mills in 2 weeks.. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Amy Fly
Amy Fly - Acum oră
❤️🌹❤️🌹 any asia tours this time around?
Donna Miranda
Donna Miranda - Acum oră
New Album?!?!?! Absolutely LOVE this song!
Maja Kuchta
Maja Kuchta - Acum oră
when we will can hear all album?
Maria Khairallah
Maria Khairallah - Acum oră
LOVE and admire your creative vison! How does it come to life? What's your process for creating visual concepts? (Your music videos, your live perfomances ect..) Was "Don't Start Now" your favorite to create? Much love Dua!
Abdelrahman Sallam
Abdelrahman Sallam - Acum oră
Will you come to Egypt?
Maja Kuchta
Maja Kuchta - Acum oră
the best song of 2019 !!!!!
What makes you choose this theme of the song? @dualipa I LOVE YOU DUAAAAAA!!! 💔🥰🥰🥰🌺🌸